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Antenna: What are they and how to get them?

Last Updated: Jan 28, 2013 01:23PM CST
We receive the occasional question about Antenna and how people can get them for their characters. Below is an outline of what Antenna are and how you can get them.

What are Antenna?
Antenna are vanity helmets that have antenna feeler type thingies sticking off your character’s head. Here's a picture of an Enchantress in Pocket Legends wearing a pair of yellow Antenna:

How do you get Antenna?

There are a couple ways you can obtain Antenna.
Wave to Developers in Game: The Spacetime Studios Development Team can be found in game from time to time. You can recognize them because the name over their head is red. Only members of the Development Team can have a red name. Usually, if you wave at them, you will be granted a pair of Antenna. These Antenna are not tradeable to other characters, so they are yours to keep. There is no guarantee that you will ever bump into one of the Devs in game, it’s just a special thank you should you see us out and about.

Contests: We regularly grant Antenna as contest rewards. It's up to the specific contest for what is included.

Deal of the Day: We have made some of the available Antenna available via the Deal of the Day. More information about the Deal of the Day functionality (that as of this writing is available in the Android client of Pocket Legends) can be found at: http://www.spacetimestudios.com/show...eal-of-the-Day

Here is a list of what Antenna have been given out for in the past:

Black Christmas (coal)
Blue Facebook
Green Android Launch
Orange Player Video Guide Contest
Red Hikau Contest and Deal of the Day
White Where do you Play Contest
Yellow Dev in game grant for 2010 best app award
Flame Fiery weapons of DOOM weapon contest

We know that people like to collect things. It’s possible that we will make all Antenna available in the future for collectors to obtain. However, right now we would ask that you please do not write us asking for specific Antenna. Thanks!
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