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How do guilds work in Pocket Legends?

Last Updated: Jan 28, 2013 12:35PM CST
Everyone wants to hang out with friends and fun people. A common way to do this in MMO games is to create a Guild. A Guild is a feature that allows friends and like-minded players to band together under a unified name. 

Create a Guild
Anyone can create a Guild. To do so, you can visit the Guild Charter Statue in Balefort Castle or, go to your Avatar's Social Tab and then to the Guild Tab. Currently the creation of a Guild costs either 20 Platinum or 250,000 Gold.

Whoever purchases the Guild Charter becomes the Guild Leader.

Manage Your Guild Invites
Once you created your guild, you will want to invite your friends. You can do this in two ways.
  • Tap on your friend's character, then Tap on the "Invite to Guild" button
  • Go to your Social Tab, then to the Guild Tab and tap the "Invite" guild.

Only the Guild Leader and Guild Officers can invite others into the guild

The player will be able to review their Guild Invites by going to their Avatar, then the Social Tab and then to Guilds. Here you can see what it looks like to get an invite from the Beta Guild.

Guild Chat
Now that you have some friends in your guild, you can make use of your own private Guild Chat. To chat to all of your guild members precede the message you want to send with /g

For example, "/g Welcome to the guild!"

Guild Icon or Guild Name
By default, when you are in a Guild an Icon will display next to your name. 

The blue icon displays for your guild and anyone else in your guild. A tan icon shows that someone is in a different guild from yours.

If you want to display the full guild name under your name, you can change that in options. The guild Icons are a way to help with visual clutter when there are a lot of guilds and names on the screen.

Guild Roster
Once your guild is formed, you can view a roster of the Guild's members by going to your Social Tab and then to the Guild Sub-Tab.

Guild Permissions
At the Guild Roster, the Guild Leader can promote Members to be Officers. 

Officers can invite and remove people from the Guild. 

NOTE: Be CAREFUL about who you promote to be a Guild Officer. A malicious person obtaining the rank of Guild Officer in your guild could boot everyone from the guild, effectively disbanding it. 

Additionally, should someone want to purchase a Guild or a Guild Hall, the leadership of the Guild can be transferred. This is done via the Guild Roster buttons.

Guild Halls
There are different Guild Halls available for purchase. 

The first Guild Hall gives you a nifty space to hang out in, all your own. There is a Stash in the Guild Hall that you can use to access your personal stash. To go into the Guild Hall, go to the portal just past the Guild Charters Statue in Balefort Castle.

The 2nd Guild Hall - The Summer Palace includes an extra outdoor space, more lush decorations and a vendor selling lower priced Potions.

The 3rd Guild Hall - The Guild Castle has even more rooms and both the vendor for lower priced Potions and an additional vendor for lower priced Elixirs.


The Guild functionality is our first offering for Guilds. As MMO players ourselves, we know there is a lot more we can do to add to the Guild Experience. If you would like to voice your feelings for what would be cool to add to Guilds, please post your suggestions below. 

Have fun!
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