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Chrome Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2013 02:01PM CST
Q: What are the minimum requirements to run Pocket or Star Legends in Chrome?
A: Make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome. Check out this article on getting into the game!

Q: I'm getting the error "Native Client flag is not enabled. Please go to about:flags, enable Native Client support, and relaunch your browser." How do I fix it?
A: Contact support on the best way to fix this issue!

Q: I'm only seeing the Star Legends or Pocket Legends logo, what's wrong?
A: This is most likely due to not having your Native Client Flag enabled. Contact support on the best way to fix this issue!

Q: Why is my game not saving my login information and preferences?
A: You most likely have to create an exception for the game. Follow the instructions in this article. 

Q: My game is stuck loading at 99%, what do I do?
A: Try updating your drivers. Check out this article on how to fix them!

Q: I'm getting the error message "Uh-Oh, the servers are up but you cannot connect." How do I fix this?
A: This can be a tricky issue. You may have a problem with your ports or a proxy sever. In either case, check out the support article here.

Q: I have to download the updates every time the game starts, why?
A: Your best bet is to try uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome. This has fixed this issue for most players.

Q: I'm getting the error "Failed to Intiliize graphics." How do I fix this?
A: This is most likely because your graphics drivers are out of date. Check our support article on updating your drivers here.

Q: Why do some of my items or assets look broken / strange?
A: Try clearing your Chrome cache, check out this article.

Q: My update is not working, why not?
A: This is most likely another cache issue. Follow the steps in this article.

Q: Where can I find Pocket and Star Legends in the Chrome Web Store?
A: If your looking for Star Legends click here. For Pocket Legends click here!

Q: How can I change my screen size in Chrome?
A: Append ?h=# to your address bar, where # is the height in pixels that you want the play area (or ?w=#&h=# if you want to stretch it for full screen play on widescreen displays, etc).

Q: None of these answer my questions or I'm still having trouble, what do I do?
A: Create a support ticket! Simply click on "Submit a Request" at the top of the page!
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