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Help! I've been Banned!

Last Updated: Jan 28, 2013 04:23PM CST
So you tried to log into the game and it says you are banned, huh?

At Spacetime Studios we strive to keep our games a safe and fun environment for everyone. Unfortunately this means that we have rules and we strictly enforce them.

There are many reasons your account can be banned. Please review our policies here:

Rules of Conduct

Naming Policy

You may also review our Terms of Service

A quick highlight of just some of the things you can get banned for:
  • Inappropriate chat.
  • Trading account information.
  • Stealing account information.
  • Selling in game items for real money.
  • Player harassment.
  • Attempting to fraudulently obtain Platinum (iAP crack).
  • There are three types of bans you can get in our products:

Ban time: Forever - The only way to receive a permanent ban is from a developer. This means that your account has been reviewed by a member of our staff and they have determined that you have violated our Terms of Service. The only way to appeal this type of ban is by submitting a ticket and we will review your request. 

Ban Time: Temporary - The most common reason for this type of ban is for inappropriate chat. Again, you are able to appeal this type of ban but we rarely remove temporary bans.

Banned Device - This is most likely due to a banned user having access to your device. When we ban a player we ensure that they are unable to play our game by banning all devices that they have logged in with. Submit a request and we will see what we can do about getting your device unbanned. 

Appealing a ban:
If you feel that your ban is not warranted you are welcome to appeal your ban by submitting a request . To do so, click on Contact Us image below
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