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Naming Policy

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2013 01:23PM CST

Naming Policy

Selecting a character name is an important part of our character creation process. It defines you as a play and others will see your name and make assumptions about you based on it. Our naming policy exists not only to protect our customers but Spacetime Studios’ integrity as well.

Please note, this policy is not all-inclusive and there may be names that we consider inappropriate. Spacetime Studios reserves the right to reject any name we feel is harmful to our customers, integrity, or business.
The Customer Support team will only be able to change a name that has been found in violation. We will be unable to change your name by request. If you see a player with an inappropriate name you can report them using the “Report” feature.

The naming policy applies to the following:

  • Character names.
  • Guild names.
  • Any naming options that may be implemented in the future.

Names that contain any variation or alternate misspellings of the following will not be a permitted:

  • Racial, ethnic, or national slurs.
  • Extreme sexuality.
  • Obscenities or vulgarities.
  • Harassing or defamatory names that insult other characters, players, employees or groups of players      either in game or external.
  • Any Spacetime Studios employees.
  • References to human anatomy or bodily functions.
  • Connotations of major religions or religious figures.
  • References to trademarked or licensed property by a company or individual.
  • References to out of game advertising or solicitation.
  • References to illegal drugs or activities. 

All violations are reviewed by a Customer Service Representative. Depending on the severity of the violation players will receive the following:

       First offence:

  • Be given a random name.
  • Will be allowed to change the name one time after submitting a support ticket.

      Second offence:

  • Be given a random name.
  • Receive a temporary account suspension from all Spacetime Studios products.

      Third offence:

  • Permanent account suspension from all Spacetime Studios products.

If you find your name has been changed or you have any questions about this policy, please contact us by clicking on the "Email Us" link on the side of the Support Home Page:

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