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Battle Dragons FAQ

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2013 04:45PM CDT
What is Battle Dragons?
Battle Dragons is a fast-paced "Build and Battle" strategy game from Spacetime Studios! Build a mighty fortress, raise a Dragon Army, and do Battle against your friends as you follow the Path of the Dragon to ultimate victory. Create Dragon Tribes with other players and form powerful alliances with friends on Facebook! Your fellow Dragon Masters can help you speed-up resource production, reduce build-times and reinforce your Army.
How do I log in?
You do not need to log in to play Battle Dragons. However, if you would like to play on multiple devices you will need to log in via Google Games or Games Center. Simply tap on the appropriate button in the drop down menu to log in. You can then log on to the same account on multiple devices.

Can I play on multiple devices?
Yes! Simply log in via Google Games or Games Center to save your Fortress. You can then log into another device with the same account to load your saved Fortress. Please note, Battle Dragons is platform specific so unfortunately you will be unable to play the same Fortress on an Android and iOS device. 

What if I lose my device?
Unfortunately if your device is not linked to your Google Games or Games Center account you will need to start over. However, if you did save it then simply choose the appropriate option from the in game menu and log into your account. That will load your saved Fortress!

Can I have multiple Fortresses on the same device?
Unfortunately Battle Dragons will only allow you to play one Fortress per device. However, you are able to log into the same Fortress on multiple devices using Google Games or Games Center.

What is a Tribe?
A tribe is a player run group that offers some powerful benefits. You are able to give and receive boosts to your production buildings and reduce construction timers for your Tribe mates. You can also donate troops to other members of your tribe that they can use for attack and defense! Tribes also have access to a special chat tab that will allow them to easily stay connected with each other.

How do I find my friends?
The best way to find friends is to connect to Facebook! You will be able to send your Facebook friends game invites and boosts. You can also invite them to join your Tribe. 

What is a Guardian?
A Guardian protects your Fortress from enemy attacks for a period of time. The Guardian spirits will protect your Fortress for three days when you start playing. After that time you may be attacked so use the time wisely to build a strong defense. You are able to extend your protection time by buying another Guardian shield whenever you like. The Guardian Spirits will also come to your aid if you lose a battle and protect you for a period of time.

I'm out of Pearls, how do I get more?
You are able to get Pearls in a number of ways. You can earn free Pearls by completing offers found in the Treasure section of the shop. You might also get lucky and find some hidden in the debris that crop up around your Fortress. And, as always, you are able to purchase more in the store at any time!

Why can't I control my units in battle?
Your Dragons do not like being told what to do! Once they are placed on the battlefield they will attack the closest preferred target so be sure to place them wisely. You can find what the preferred target by inspecting the unit in the Dojo.
What is Sparing?
Sparing allows you to test your defenses by attacking your own base with the units in your army camp. You do not lose any units or resources when sparing. The number of spars you have per day are determined by your town hall.

How do I contact support?
We suggest you use the in-game support system found in the Settings menu. This will attach helpful information to your email that our support staff can use to help you with your issue! If you can't do that you are able to create a support ticket and include your Fortress name, the name of your Tribe, and any order numbers for Pearl purchases.
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